Nominet UK Domain

A series of instructional films for Nominet, showcasing the .uk domain

Nominet Film Set 3 | MediaNerd
The Brief

We were tasked with creating a series of educational & instructional videos for Nominet's .uk domain, but wanted to create something that reflected the brand image, visual style, and tone. From the writing of the script, to the talent and visual treatment, keeping Nominet's audience in mind at every stage was key.

So then…
How did we do it?
Pre -Production

Pre-production is the foundation of every project, but this time it was especially important. We wanted to create something visually unique that oozed 'Nominet' and allowed the viewer to immediately know what the video was all about. Our scriptwritters needed to walk the line between technical detail & down-to-earth chit chat, and our visuals needed to follow suit.

We settled on a conspicuous approach, creating a giant 'UK' out of wood & using projecting mapping to display bespoke animation onto it, with the intention to drive home key information with animation in post.

Projection mapping

Although the nerds aren't strangers to projection mapping, using it as a set background was new to us. To avoid issues on the day of the shoot, we needed to research the best projectors for the job, run some tests, ensure they were bright enough when aligned, had a nice long throw, were flicker-free and make sure they weren't fighting our lighting setup or eating away at too much of our setup time.

The shoot

Knowing we wanted to overlay some fancy graphics, we decided to opt for a 3 camera setup. The A-camera armed with a teleprompter, the B-camera for an alternate, tighter angle on the talent, and a C-camera flying continuously on a jib, showing the full set.

Our lighting setup was a standard 3-point lighting setup, angled & flagged in such a way to avoid light spill onto our giant 'UK'. We also threw up a gelled background light to give each video it's own visual identity and really make the background pop, using Nominet's brand colours.

Post production

Post is where the magic happens. Careful colour correction & grading makes our three cameras match seamlessly, talent look extra beautiful and brings out the best in our raw video files. Selective colour adjustments make our background 'pop' and push Nominet's brand identity. Audio is then treated & mixed with music tracks in keeping with the tone of the series, giving the videos more punch.

Our animation team conjured up some clean stylish and brand-aware text sections to open & close each video in the series on a wide crane shot showing the full set. Further animated segments are peppered throughout to emphasise key messaging and help the audience engage with & better grasp the content, all of which embracing the visual identity of our projection mapped graphics, making each video feel intrinsically linked to the others in the series.