Creating three varying animations promoting Vanderbilt's house buying schemes.

Vanderbuilt Animation Couple 6
The brief

Vanderbilt Homes set us the task to produce three varying animations promoting their house buying schemes. Using rolling animation, we created characters to show the exact process the customer would go through if they were to choose one of the three schemes.  

Although Vanderbilt didn’t yet have any character animations for their brand, it allowed our team to have the creative freedom to design the personalities using Vanderbilt’s visual brand identity.
So then…
How did we do it?
The characters were rigged, which is an animation process that consists in creating bones and controllers to animate them. In addition to creating different couples with different characteristics, we also intricately drew the homes by hand based on the real houses our clients sell. Making the video look good is, in our animation nerd’s opinion, the easy part. The bigger challenge here was to ensure our animation conveyed the required clear messaging of what Vanderbilt's schemes are about, especially as buying and selling houses can be such a complex subject. There were a bunch of bureaucracy involved and our mission was to make the information suitable for anyone. Therefore, our team had to dive into the world of the housing market to make sure we knew what we were talking about! We were thrilled when our client reported back that they loved the animations with no changes to be made. Medianerd are proud to produce successful work that leads to long-term and happy client relationships.