A lifestyle film for the new EcoWorld luxury apartments in Kew Bridge

Kew Bridge Sign | MediaNerd
The brief

This project was all about creating a feel for what life in Kew Bridge is all about. We wanted to showcase an eclectic mix of contemporary living, green spaces, outstanding public transport connectivity and the wealth of activities Kew Bridge offers. From the beautiful greenery of the Royal Botanic Gardens and the natural expanse of Richmond Park, to the lavish high street cafe's and shops of Kew Village.

So then…
How did we do it?
Pre -Production

Shooting across such a wide area across just a couple of days required maticulous preproduction & scheduling. Shooting in such a wide area of London meant we'd need all manner of permits, permissions & safety checks and were always under time pressure to get the shot. Finding the right talent to fit the brief, factoring in time for hair & makeup, costume changes & location changes on the day kept us nerds on our toes.

The shoot

Knowing we had to be versatile, mobile and that it'd be long shoot days, we knew we'd need a camera that was reliable & fast to set up. Shooting outside, without time to light scenes, we'd also need a camera packing a heap of dynamic range. So we opted to shoot on the Arri Alexa Mini (a team favourite) & Sigma Art lenses, a combination that spoiled us in regard to image quality and flexibility in the grade. Additionally, using an Easyrig allowed for longer, steadier handheld shooting without breaking our camera operator.

From jumping into a rowing boat on the Thames, to acclimating the camera and lenses to the warm, damp glasshouses in Kew Gardens, the setup was certainly put through it's paces. The narrative was driven through graphic elements & giant motion-tracked letters that drive the messaging.